Our Smokin' Good Master Chef Sean Paul is known for his hard work and innovation in the food service industry. He hails from the Santa Fe, New Mexico area and has been in the food service industry for most of his adult life. Sean learned his trade from the ground up and spent several years honing his skills as a sous chef before eventually achieving the position of master chef. 

His passion for cooking eventually led him to take his skills to the next level as he graduated from the prestigious Culinary Institute at Santa Fe Community College where he learned to expand and explore his skills in the food industry and is also where he developed his interest in curing deli meats and promoting a healthy lifestyle with gluten free cuisine.

As mentioned previously, Sean's passion is cooking and nothing makes him happier than seeing his customers enjoying something that he has personally prepared. All of the soups, salads, condiments and rubs are made from Sean's own personal recipes and he takes great pride in his special Asian Fusion 
BBQ recipes, which are totally fantastic. So if your looking to have a true Bistro class experience at your next event, send us an inquiry and our staff will take care of the rest!